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In the near future, due to continuous heavy rain, some parts of the world have flooded, many people are affected by floods. After the flood retreat, many small partners found that most of the home of the family was flooded, indoor walls and home moisture. Drain dehumidification becomes the primary job of everyone. Some homes can be washed sun, but also use, but some families need to quickly dehumidify, in order to not damage their life, this time, we can use dehumidifier to dehumidification work. Alorair now dehumidifier experts and we talk about indoor dehumidification that thing, interested friends may wish to understand.
Flooded by the indoor can be so dehumidified.
According to the relevant analysis, after the flood, many indoor furniture, water is soaked, moisture heavier, the best way to deal with: the first disinfection after dehumidification, maintenance. Waterlogging water deepest, up to half a meter deep, mixed with various kinds of dirt within the water. Because the sewage pipe problems, but also may be accompanied by an odor, so the user receded after the flood, home for home rescue, the disinfection work must follow each step. After disinfection, and then according to different furniture, “the right medicine” can make the damage to a minimum.
Indoor furniture was soaked in the water, how to deal with?
Cloth furniture
To fabric sofa, for example, its main structure is generally solid wood frame + + sponge + fabric. If the sofa is soaked, the small partners can remove the sofa sets, clean and dried, then sponge washed, disinfected, it will be completely dried. Solid wood frame, such as some expansion, timely dehumidification measures. The same time as the above-
plate-type furniture
Plate furniture, under normal circumstances, the particleboard has a certain degree of water resistance, if the water does not exceed 20 minutes, quickly dry, in time with dehumidifier dehumidification, to prevent water vapor infiltration, the problem will not be too great.
Solid wood furniture
Pure solid wood furniture, after the water receded, immediately disinfected, cleaned, with a rag with a fan or dehumidifier to speed up its dry, may be a bit deformed, when the wood moisture content decreased, most solid wood home will return to normal.
DIY furniture
Decoration of the custom cabinet, the material is mostly big core board, the oil is thin and no professional edge technology, splicing quality is not finished furniture, high, if the bubble time long core board will have a lot of pores inside the water, although you can Through the fan or dehumidifier to air, but the impact will be relatively large.
The floor suffered a flooding score. If the floor is not a serious arch from the situation, whether it is solid wood flooring or composite floor, should be even if it is disinfected, cleaning. After cleaning, then the surface of water stains wipe, you can quickly dry. But if the solid wood flooring appears arching phenomenon; solid wood flooring surface of the solid wood appear layered wrinkling, strengthen the composite floor is thicker after the bubble layer, the above conditions can not be repaired, you need to replace the bad floor of the bubble.
Repair of interior walls
It is not just dry, or has been used for several years brush on the wall of the paint, if the water is not too much, simple scrub and quick dehumidification can be dry. But if the paint appears into the water, hollowing from the skin, the surface cracking or color yellowing and other phenomena, you need to find a decoration company to deal with, the water was all over the walls of the wall shovel, re-decoration, but it is difficult to do The same as the original.
After the flood, the user returned home, the first major event is as soon as possible disinfection, dehumidification, sunburn was water brewed the home and walls. But also to quickly deal with, to avoid the breeding of bacteria, the spread of the virus, as well as water infiltration into the interior of the furniture, resulting in 2 damage. In addition, the timely disinfection of the room, cleaning is also very important.
Does dehumidification improve indoor wet conditions?
At present, the dehumidifier in China, the proportion of domestic users is not much, but these products in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other regions have been a lot of users love and recognition. So, dehumidifier really can reach the room to relieve the humidity? The south of the recent heavy rain, the flood retreat, people return home, the home of the home cleaning, disinfection and exposure; we used the method is to open the door, window ventilation, and then the room bedding and books out in the sun drying, Can ensure that the indoor dry, but such as furniture, such as large objects is difficult to dry, so the dehumidifier at this time should play its role.
Most of the wet season in the north is in the summer, and most families in the summer are using air conditioning, so the dehumidification function of the air conditioning is completely able to get indoor moisture; in the southern region is not the same, most of the wet season May rainy three to six months, this time, people will naturally choose dehumidifiers, and because the southern people in the consumption concept with the North is a big gap, for them, the need for electrical appliances should also be purchased in time. This consumption concept led to the dehumidifier first developed in China, most of the market in the south.
For the dehumidifier is really able to alleviate the problem of indoor humidity, the answer is there are two sides, which is mainly because people for the choice of dehumidifier function, some dehumidifier dehumidification effect is very good, but in terms of energy consumption and noise The effect is not very good. Therefore, people in the choice of time to shop around the three is still very necessary.
Under normal circumstances, the dehumidifier dehumidification effect is very obvious, such as with the tank of the dehumidifier, remove the water inside the tank, open the water tank, you can see the dehumidifier dehumidification results. No water tank dehumidifier general power are relatively large, for industrial use, with a hose directly to the drainage, the removal of water is visible.
As shown below, the general household dehumidifier, the water tank after the water full of dehumidification opportunities sounded us, after pouring, dehumidifier to work.
Of course, if you want to see the obvious dehumidification effect, it is best to choose more than 20L dehumidifier dehumidifier, so as to allow you to see very obvious results. Dehumidification is too small, you may not feel it. Moreover, the dehumidifier which contains the compressor, the dehumidification effect is obvious, without the compressor dehumidifier dehumidification is very small, the feeling is not obvious. If the small partners want to start dehumidifier, to solve the indoor wet problem, then it is recommended to start authentic licensed, water tank capacity, energy saving, quiet products better.
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