Dehumidifier In The Meat Industry for Safe Processing

Particularly in meat handling and frankfurter generation, ideal cleanliness is central. This is the best way to ensure a decent item quality. Subsequently, strict hygienic prerequisites must be met when taking care of meat especially in cooling territories where crude items are handled. Yet,because of the low temperatures and high humidity levels, this is precisely where to expect the most serious risks:water condensation, things go rusty and theconsequently influenced cleanliness. The smell irritation in meat-preparing foundations, which normally creates at high moistness levels, must not be thought little of either. An AlorAir industrial dehumidifier rapidly aces the circumstance and offers dependable stickiness control in this delicate generation zone.


A Significant IssueParticularly in cool ranges, too high stickiness values must not be thought little of. In cool stockpiling houses and other working regions of the meat business, where the icy chain must be kept up, there is a danger of buildup. In the event that the dew point noticeable all around is higher than at the surface of working zones, dividers or roofs, buildup frames rapidly. This is on account of the air is chilled off by the frosty surfaces and the water vapor gathers to water. On the off chance that drops fall onto the unloaded meat items, germs can frame. Cardboard boxes ingest dampness also, which can demolish whole stocks. Because of the high dampness, both the improvement of smells and the apparent coldness increment essentially. These two components lead to a diminished staff profitability. Organizations need to face developing affliction nonappearance rates.

Safe Meat Processing Due to Humidity Control:

Make a pleasing and profitable workplace. But then: a cool environment is an unquestionable requirement. Regardless of the fact that temperatures are kept especially low in chilly stockpiling houses and working territories, this doesn’t significantly affect the mugginess direction. Particularly in chilly stores the relative moistness can’t be diminished to under 70 to 95 for every penny essentially through temperature. The utilization of superior dehumidifiers is the main arrangement. The Industrial and Commercial Series from AlorAir are genuine dampness executioners, particularly at low temperatures.

Utilizing dehumidifiers as a part of the meat handling industry – the advantages:

no buildup

less cleanliness related dangers

the anticipation of germ arrangement

quick drying of cut surfaces

more pleasing saw coldness for the staff

significantly lower smell disturbance

quick drying in the wake of cleaning work

no slip peril

Stationary Drying Systems

This series of AlorAir Dehumidifier features a high-efficiency rotary compressor for maximum water extraction at the lowest possible running costs.. As this series is mainly designed for large-scale area’s dehumidification, the products usually have larger and heavier-duty outline to handle much tougher dehumidification tasks in industrial and commercial applications. One of this series model can extract up top to 240 pints of moisture per day in AHAM conditions (80 degrees F, 60% relative humidity). Its super high-efficiency rotary compressor allows it to run longer and extract more condensation from the surrounding area while keeping your energy costs low. This series dehumidifiers are workable in up top to 12,000 sq.ft areas, which means you’ll get maximum airflow and maximum moisture reduction at high energy savings. Durable, low in maintenance and flexibly adjustable that is what the models of the AlorAir Commercial and Industrial series stand for.

Designed for the use in hygiene-sensitive areas, many models of this series are also available as stainless steel versions.

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