• Why Choosing a Dehumidifier?

    Why Choosing a Dehumidifier?  Advanced technology development not only pushes forward the society’s progress but also raises human’s maintenance awareness. That is to say, a high efficiency dehumidifier can assist people with excess moisture removal and overheads reduction at the same time. Such as building material maintenance and component spoilage caused by excess moisture which all produce unacceptable expense. Excess moisture is commonly incurred by people from work places and living spaces. In the past, people regard this p...Read more »

  • Buying Guides of Dehumidifiers

    Buying Guides of Dehumidifiers When choosing a dehumidifier to protect your space from moisture harm or dampness, besides product capacity and space square footage, dehumidifiers parts  also affect customers final choice. 1. Water Reservoir  It is usually known as water tank or bucket or water tray equipped inside the machine. It is used for collecting the excess moisture which is picked up by the coils in the unit.  For water draining, you never need to be worried, it has a big tank inside the machine, in case that the tank is full of water...Read more »

  • How to Choose a Restoration dehumidifier

    How to Choose a Restoration dehumidifier? Help you choose the best Restoration and commercial dehumidifier for your job.     ◎ Choosing the Right type Dehumidifier     ◎ Conventional (Relative LGR) Dehumidifier VS LGR and SLGR dehumidifier          ►Application of SLGR Dehumidifier?     ◎ Charts show series features for an easy choice     ◎ The Identification of AHAM and Saturation     ◎ Very Import things you need to know before        ordering     ◎ Still Have Questions? ◎ Choosing the Right Type Dehumidifier As an essential part, ...Read more »

  • How to Choose a Crawlspace / Basement dehumidifier

      How to Choose a Crawlspace / Basement dehumidifier? ◎ Choosing the Right Capacity Dehumidifier. ◎ Consider Room Conditions. ◎ Drain by Condensate Pump or just Gravity? ◎ Very Import tings you need to know before ordering. ◎ Still Have Questions? ◎ Choosing the Right Capacity Dehumidifier ► Crawlspace and Basement Series Dehumidifiers When you are choosing a dehumidifier, the first thing you need to figure out is what’s the size of the place you need to dehumidify and what’s the right capacity you need to choose. Alorair C...Read more »

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