Air scrubber

  • Buying Guide of Air Scrubber

    Buying Guide of Air Scrubber When selecting a proper piece of air scrubber, many factors need to be considered to finally help our customers find the ideal purchase of device. Performance and quality are the key factors that decide air freshening efficiency of the device in restoration and mold remediation projects. Besides airflow and price that catch a lot of attentions, below are several main factors for your reference ►Filtration Choosing Filtration system might be the core part of portable air scrubber as this simple filter plays an imp...Read more »

  • Why choosing an air scrubber

    Why choosing an Air Scrubber According to United States Environmental Protection Agency(EPA), the air inside your home can be a hundred times polluted than outdoor air due to cooking smog, pets body odor, dust mite infestation, volatile organic compound, those source of pollution in daily activities. While most Americans spend at least 60% of time at home. That’s a bad news for allergy and asthma sufferers if the indoor air quality is kept polluted. Air Scrubber Functions: ► Air Cleaning Function Air scrubber with advanced purification techn...Read more »

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