Air movers

  • Buying guide of Air Mover

    Buying Guide of Air Mover An air mover or carpet blower is an essential piece of carpet cleaning equipment. Below are the 5 tips to help you find the right air mover with the most useful consideration factors that affect people choosing the device: ► Motor Strength (Power and Speed)  Pick the motor no less than a 1HP of air mover to guarantee you get maximum motor power and wind stream. Ideally pick the fan speed settings with at least 3 grades. A lower fan speed can be convenient for a small room application with super lower noise level. ► ...Read more »

  • Why Choosing an Air Mover

    Why Choosing an Air Mover Air mover is mainly used to heightens the rate of moisture evaporation by rapidly moving air around in a space.Besides widely used for carpets, mats, sleeping pads and upholstery drying, air mover is also an awesome helper for the hard floor industry to dry floors quickly. Moreover, air mover will upgrade the effect from your carpet cleaning machine. For professional carpet cleaning companies, an air mover is a valuable investment that will offer you better drying results, more cheerful clients and your booming busi...Read more »

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