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Restoration & Cleaning Devices from AlorAir

Water Damage Restoration is the process of restoring a property and structure back to pre-loss condition after encountering any level of water damage.(To learn about best features and functions of AlorAir Cleaning and Restoration Series dehumidifiers, watch the video below.)



Find the Right Device For You

Every home or modern building needs humidity control devices. AlorAir contains dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers with different applications to satisfy customers’ various demands.

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Alorair warranty


If the unit fails, AlorAir will first send the distributor to the customer’s house for final check. If it can no longer be fixed , we will arrange the pickup of the unit and ship the customer a new unit within the same year warranty from the date of replacement! Alorair company pays for all freight costs.

                         1. Loss of human life,livestock

                         2. Mold spreading and disgusting odor

                         3. Deterioration of health conditions

                         4. After-flood insect damage

                         5. Destruction of buildings’ inner structure

                         6. Disruption to business and social affairs

According to the IICRC, there are three categories of water damage and four classes of destruction. It takes only 24-48 hours for clean water to turn to gray water, which has bacteria present without solid waste. While gray water can become black water, which contains pathogenic agents and raw sewage, only with 48-72 hours. That is to say, only in 2 to 3 days clean water can turn to the most contaminated black water. So when you just encountered water damage, you need to take quick action to handle the drying jobs first as bio-hazard, bacteria and pathogens will begin to proliferate in this short period.


AlorAir’s bundled devices for restoration and cleaning:

Finding the best solution can be complicated and confusing for the inexperienced buyers. AlorAir has developed multiple Restoration Packages to:

1. Restore water damage

2. Speed mold remediation

3. Cut down after-flood maintenance charge

Buy the Package,Save the Money

> Restoration Package 1 Includes

1 * AlorAir Dehumidifier-Storm LGR Extreme

8 * AlorAir Zeus 900

1 * AlorAir Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air scrubber


> Restoration Package2 Includes:

1 * AlorAir Dehumidifier-Storm LGR Extreme

1 * AlorAir Cleanshield HEPA 550 Air scrubber

8 * AlorAir Zeus 900

 Package 1, is ideal for drying out an average sized living room area,while package 2 can be used for larger area.

1.  A Restoration Dehumidifier Can Help

•  Amazingly huge capacity with high efficiency with Energy Star qualified.

• Condensate pump can pump the water to 15 feet high and over 100 feet horizontally. For restoration market, this is an essential function.

2.  Zeus 900 and Zeus Extreme Can Help

Air mover is mainly used to heightens the rate of moisture evaporation by rapidly moving air around in a space. It is widely

used for carpets, mats, sleeping pads, floor drying and upholstery drying.

3.  CleanShield HEPA 500 Can Help

Air movers promote the fast drying of surfaces such as floors and carpets. They also speed up air circulation within

the indoor environment.

4. A Portable Flood Pumper Can Help

A portable air conditioner is a device for air moistening effect in a room with all the mechanical parts sitting in the room

you’re attempting to cool.

A portable air conditioner is a device for air moistening effect in a room with all the mechanical parts sitting in the room you’re attempting to cool.

Basement Series Dehumidifier Performance

Transform your damp, dirty, moldy crawl space into a clean, dry space with AlorAir’s Crawlspace& Basement series. This series includes plenty of self-developed functions, high performance and energy-saving dehumidifiers and sump pumps. They are Sentinel HDi90, Sentinel HD90, Sentinel HD55, Storm LGR Extreme and the sump pumps.

Dehumidifiers with horizontal configuration and unique dual airflow outlets makes this series a professional dehumidifier for crawlspaces and basements. this series machines are stackable to save the room. Every dehumidifier is ENERGY STAR qualified for super energy efficiency. And they continue to remove water at lower temperature.


AlorAir with professional engineer and technician will offer you most right solutions for a better quality environment from this series devices. Handling moisture problems will enhance and preserve your:

Comfort:  Have dry and clean air in the crawlspace and basement without wet floor,wet walls, musty odor.

Health: Good ventilation and comfort improve human’s immunity and keep away from skin/respiratory diseases.

Home:  Have relative balanced room temperature and pleasant humidity level.

Energy Savings: Save on energy costs with automatic solutions.


AlorAir Wi-Fi function is strongly designed to meet customers’ remote control of humidity levels and temperature from any where you are, just through your mobile phone.

After you download mobile app and connect it with the Internet, you can easily accomplish these functions:

• Remote Control

• Timing Switch

• Inner Humidity Real Time Monitoring

• Timing Reservation

• Additional Functions

Additional Functions includes:

* Upper and down wind

* Manual drainage

* Anion

* Continuous Operation

When choosing the Wi-Fi Function, you will have optimum clean air ventilation and purified air, at the same time you will be updated with latest climate conditions in your home.


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