Private Lable & Customization For Brand- New Units

Private Lable allows customers to build a machine under their needs based our present product line,Private Brand,different color,even different outlooking! If you plan to manufacture a dehumidifier,Air mover,Air Scrubber from the ground up, AlorAir Solution can offer you customization service As well!
Below are the customization process:

1. First, inform us the specifications you need. And basic construction design will be confirmed.

2. Next, engineers start pro-type assembly, system testing and optimization.

3. After program development, prepare a 3D Model Drawing of the unit.

4. Once the model drawing meets your requirement, tooling and molding process will be prepared.

5. At this point, a production schedule will be provided to show estimated timing for the remaining steps.

6.After approval, small -lot production& optimization will begin on your custom units.

7.After arriving at our NC warehouse, each dehumidifier will undergo a rigorous testing procedure.

8. At this point, inventory can be picked up in full or stored at our warehouse facility and shipped as needed (in pallet quantities only).

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