SLGR VS Conventional Dehumidifier

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Knowing More about the Difference Between LGR/SLGR and Conventional Dehumidifiers LGR Definition

What is the LGR dehumidifier?
Is it a dehumidifier just says”LGR”on the Lable?
The answer is certainly NO!!! Do not believe someone simply used as a marketing term.
The IICRC S500 2006 defines LGR as it have an enhanced refrigeration system that allows the dehumidifier to dry a space to much lower humidity than conventional dehumidifiers,it is achieved by the precooling designs,air-to-air heat exchanger,LGR can effectively remove some moisture below 34GPP,removes more water with less electricity consumed,continue to dry at lower humidity,such as 80F/20%,that conventional dehumidifier does not works.
As a water damage restoration professional, you need professional-grade equipment that helps you tackled the toughest of jobs and deliver outstanding results for your clients. A powerful dehumidifier is a key component in your suite of tools.
What type of dehumidifier do you need? We provide a series of professional dehumidifiers, both LGR and conventional options. What are the differences, and which is best for you? Here’s a rundown of LGR dehumidifiers vs.
Conventional dehumidifiers and their unique benefits:
The conventional dehumidifiers are designed for most water-damage remediation projects, A feature same as LGR dehumidifier they can easily be transported from job to job and loaded and unloaded from a vehicle. the conventional dehumidifier draws moisture-laden air across a set of super-cooled coils. As the air passes over, its temperature drops below dew point and water condenses on the cold coils. The dry air is reheated and exhausted to the room to collect more moisture.Compared to ALORAIR SLGR dehumidifiers, conventional models are not as effective or efficient at removing moisture and drying air in environments with large volumes of water as LGR models are. However, conventional dehumidifiers are less expensive than their LGR dehumidifiers.
SLGR DEHUMIDIFIERS,Why We call as SLGR (Super LGR) Technology?
SLGR stands for Super low-grain refrigerant, How do they work?The ALORAIR SLGR technology uses a special air-to-air heat exchanger system to help bring the air closer to dew point temperature before it passes over the super-cooled evaporator coils,besides with the combination of Microchannel Alu Condenser,Maximize the Capacity and efficiency. This leads to more condensation that forms on the coils inside the machine, and fastest for interchange of heat,which in turn leads to more moisture pumped out and less moisture in the air that is returned to the room. This extra efficiency makes ALORAIR SLGR dehumidifier perfectly suited for low humidity conditions. When faced with particularly challenging water damage restoration jobs where higher amounts of water are involved, an SLGR dehumidifier is your best bet for achieving maximum results.



Discover your options at ALORAIR

At ALORAIR, we provide a series of Restoration equipment you need to meet your client’s demands. This includes a wide range of both conventional dehumidifiers and SLGR dehumidifiers. Our conventional selection includes models like the Storm Elite which removes 125 pints of water per day at AHAM conditions. We also provide a series of SLGR dehumidifier,like Storm SLGR 1600X removes 160ppd at AHAM with the Horizontal Design with internal pump.

As always,the conventional dehumidifiers are less expensive to SLGR dehumidifiers,Before you making a final decision for purchasing,You’ll have to assess your budget and your needs before deciding which of these models is best for you.


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