Company Profile:

With a focus on customized dehumidifier projects, AlorAir products can be divided into four categories: cleaning and restoration, crawl space and basement.

All of AlorAir’s Cleaning & Restoration Series dehumidifiers include a waterproof PCB cover for the circuit board. Even if you submerge the unit completely in water, the circuit board will be 100% sealed. This is a great feature to have in floor situations.

In the restoration market, you need a powerful machine that works effectively in a short amount of time. With AlorAir’s specially designed dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, and air movers, you get extremely effective water removal with maximum air velocity. In addition, the dehumidifier are ENERGY STAR,CE, and ETL certified.

The Crawl Space & Basement Series focuses on eliminating high humidity to maintain environments, such as tight crawl spaces and damp basements. Convenient design features, like a compact shape, horizontal configuration, and lightweight design make AlorAir the perfect choice to fight mold and mildew in hard to control areas

AlorAir provides world class IAQ solutions including custom designed dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, air purifiers and much more. Our innovative products stand out from the competition with excellent performance, and easy operation in a wide range of applications, such as flood restoration, and commercial use.

AlorAir products qualify for multiple certifications including ENERGY STAR, CE, ETL, SGS, and ROHS. In addition, we have earned several international patents for our innovative design and functions. All of products go through rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality possible.

Product Application

We provide a series of professional and advanced IAQ and Dehumidification solutions through various models of dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers,air purifiers, heaters and instruments. AlorAir’s products are widely applied to residential areas, Restoration Jobs,public areas, hospitals, marine, commercial and industrial areas, etc. Our products are gaining praise for excellent performance, easy operation and value.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to constantly innovate and provide the best products for the ultimate value.  AlorAir promises to utilize the best resources, technology, equipment and after-sale support to make this mission a reality to our customers.


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